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Tending The Mustard Seed

Living The Faith In Today's World

by Dennis J Billy


Price: £8.95
Publisher:New City
Published:February 2013
Numerous books have been written about faith. Here is yet another, but this one is well worth a look. Why? Because it tackles some real issues about what it means to live a life of faith in today's secular world. What does it mean to be called by God to a life of faith? How does faith respond in the face of suffering? How does it respond to issues of sickness and healing? What does it mean to live in a community of faith? Beginning with a quotation from Hebrews 11:1 Dennis Billy begins by posing some basic questions such as "Am I a person of faith? If so, what do I believe and how do I live it? Am I aware of my beliefs? Can I identify them? What do they mean to me? How does my daily life reflect them? Am I willing to act on them? Am I willing to die for them? What do I truly believe? What shapes my actions and gives meaning to my life?" These questions set the tone for the book and the journey begins with a chapter on the Call of Faith followed by The Gift of Faith. Five more follow looking at Faith and Reason; Faith and Prayer; Faith and Suffering; Faith and Healing; and The Community of Faith. Billy concludes with some reflection on Living the Faith in Today's World. Each chapter is based on a biblical text or paragraph and concludes with some reflection questions and a prayer. The book could be used in one's personal devotional life, or it would make a very helpful study guide for small groups. That the author is a Roman Catholic priest should definitely not put off Protestants!

Reviewer: Graham Wise   (17/01/14)
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