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His Mass Our Mass

Meditations on Living Eucharistically

by Brendan Leahy


Price: £5.95
Publisher:New City
The book is subtitled Meditations on Living Eucharistically. The emphasis is on the Mass and on the community of believers who attend that service. The Mass is primarily the perpetuation of the sacrifice Christ made on Calvary. It is therefore ĎHisí, but it is also ĎOursí where with our fellow worshippers we enter into deep communion with Him. The dual dimension of the title is therefore Christís action and our cooperation. The book is divided into four parts according to the elements of the Mass and each part has seven reflections. These reflections are a meditation a day for four weeks. They cover the lives, both past and present, of those nourished by the Eucharist, the bread of life. We are all members of one body and in the Mass we celebrate Christís gift of His body and our reception of it. This is a small book, but it has a great deal to say that can be reflected upon indefinitely.

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Reviewer: John Irvine   (16/10/12)
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