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15 Days of Prayer with Jean-Claude Colin

by François Drouilly S.M.


Price: £8.95
Publisher:New City
Published:March 2012
Jean-Claude Colin with others, created in 1836 in France the Society of Mary, known as the Marists. It is a society with several branches encompassing priests, sisters, brothers and laity. Their stated aim was to proclaim the Gospel with greater urgency and to renew a post-revolution Church that they found in crisis and despairing. This book consists of fifteen meditation sessions. Each session starts with a focus point based on an extract of Colinís followed by a commentary by Drouilly and suggestions for reflection and prayer. These extracts and commentaries are thoroughly up-to-date. They cover contemporary moral dilemmas, the revitalisation and renewal of the Church and the universal call to holiness, emphasising humility, self-denial and loyalty to the Holy See. It is also a close look at the Society of Mary and the religious practices of Marists. An ideal bedside book.

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Reviewer: John Irvine   (24/05/12)
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