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On Love

Victorine Texts in Translation: Exegesis, Theology & Spirituality From The Abbey of St.Victor

by Ed. Hugh Feiss OSB


Price: £27.50
Publisher:New City
Published:September 2012
>I>On Love is an English translation of a range of twelfth century writings from the Abbey of St.Victor in Paris, which was a major centre of theological exegesis and spiritual guidance. This volume, the first of several to come, deals with the role of love in the inner life of the Trinity and in the created human being. Nothing brings greater satisfaction and happiness than the experience of love, human, divine and even romantic. The texts are drawn from the Latin writings of Victor, Godfrey, Hugh and Richard, as well as of the better-known Jerome, Augustine and Aquinas. These writers are put before us as the experienced guides to the workings of divine and human love. This is a big book, not only in size but in import, deepening our understanding of the biblical currents of the twelfth century and of the richness of our intellectual and spiritual life today. It particularly sharpens our understanding of the teaching of Scripture On Love as interpreted by the Church.

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Reviewer: John Irvine   (16/10/12)
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