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The Wonders of the Hebrew Scriptures

by Steve Maltz


Price: £9.99
Publisher:Terra Nova Publications from Anchor Recordings
Published:September 2012
Steve Maltz achieves the almost impossible in this book: making the study of the Hebrew language lively, interesting and understandable.

The book has two aims: first to explain how the Old Testament came to be written and second to introduce the complete novice to the Hebrew language.

As he traces the story of the writing and preservation of the Hebrew Scriptures we see God's hand at work. We marvel at the extremes that the Jewish scribes went to ensure that no errors crept in to their copies.

The author gives us an insight into the richness and depth of the Hebrew language with dozens of mini word studies throughout the book. He highlights many fascinating facts on key passages.

As an added bonus there are thoughtful reviews of several popular English translations covering not only the quality of the translation but also the original text on which they are based.

Steve Maltz writes in an engaging lively style that makes you want to turn the page. He has a high view of scripture believing that it is 100% inspired right down to the smallest jot and tittle. He provides ample evidence why every jot and tittle matters.

Some may find his style a little jokey at times but do not let this put you off. This will help the layman understand more fully the wonders of the Hebrew Scriptures. Highly recommended.

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Reviewer: Alan Hill   (26/02/13)
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