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Eager To Love

The Alternative Way Of Francis Of Assisi

by Rochard Rohr


Price: £9.99
Publisher:Hodder and Stoughton
Published:13 August 2015

Richard Rohr’s books are always worth reading and in this book, Rohr who is a Franciscan himself, looks at the ‘the alternative way’ of St Francis of Assisi...a way that was in many ways as countercultural then as it is now, a way that is about giving up the things of self so as to be able to go deeper, but this is not about a heaven only theology for the few, but rather was a very much down to earth rooted theology in things possible for anyone.

It is here that we can really see why Francis is one of the Christian church's most popular saints, that we see past the twee statues and images, and into the real game changer play of Francis and Clare - their practice and belief that Jesus is here and that it is in our actions, sacrifices and communities that we truly come to know him and serve him, and most importantly it is something possible for every one.

This really is a book well worth reading and engaging with.

Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (11/08/15)
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