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A Tour Of Bones

Facing Fear And Looking For Life

by Denise Inge


Price: £16.99
Publisher:Bloomsbury Publishing
Published:06 November 2014

Do you know what a Charnel House is? It's a crypt, one with the bones still in place, now imagine living in one, or finding your house is built over one...
Denise Inge didn't have to imagine it, she was living in one and so begins this book in which she looks at her fears of life, death, living and dying. She takes a tour of other charnel houses and talks with people she meets through this tour, and she deals with her own mortality too.

This is a bittersweet book with great depth and poignancy to it, because Denise Inge had terminal cancer and died just as this book was coming into print, and you feel the depth of this journey more so for knowing this.

Here is a book that looks at how we deal with death, with the images and perceptions we have developed to deal with death, but more than that here is a book that looks at how we deal with living, or maybe don't deal with living, that assesses whether we are prepared to die or are willing to live.

It is a well written travelogue of Charnel houses with at it's heart a thoughtful consideration on the theology of death and dying and it is well worth reading.

Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (28/01/15)
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