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The Edge OF Words

God And The Habits Of Language

by Rowan Williams


Price: £20.00
Publisher:Bloomsbury Publishing
Published:September 2014

What a cracker this book is! Based around the material and research he did for the 2013 Gifford Lectures, this is a wonderfully deep journey into the nature of language, the sound of words, the experience of narrative, literature, drama and text—and on that basis the experience and knowledge of God we gain from that, or that we don’t!

Can language really do justice to God, can we really use it and the experience of it to understand or is it instead the place were words stop and language ceases that we truly find God, is it in the silence and not the words?

Beautiful, intelligent, questioning, just what you’d expect from Rowan Williams and so worth reading, but be warned this is deep and immersive material, and though the prose flows as one would expect it is an intellectual exercise, but like all exercise of any sort it is worth it for the end results.

Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (01/10/14)
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