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Faithfully Parenting Autism

by Nicola E Maybury


Price: £8.75
Publisher:Lulu UK
Published:03 March 2012
If only we had this book to hand when we first realised there was a problem with autism within the family!
Nicola Maybury has written from first hand experience of learning to deal with an autistic child. Her suggestions are full of sound common sense based on what she has learnt about the subject and what she has done to cope with the very special needs of her autistic son.
I recognised so much of what she has written. Page after page I thought, ‘Yes, that is just how it is – if only we had been able to read this book earlier’.
This is a Mother sharing what she has learnt, not pretending to know it all but offering a helping hand to other struggling families. Her guidance on teaching her son about Jesus and a loving God and her invention of a TOYT(Thinking of you token) are excellent and worthy of wide publicity.
If you think your child has a behavioural problem then it is well worth your while looking at this quite short but very clearly written title.
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Reviewer: Mary Bartholomew   (07/07/12)

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