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Me, My Mother, My Life

A Journey Through Pain and Healing

by Ayomide Adeniola


Price: £9.99
Publisher:Author House
Published:20 July 2012
The important fact is that I am pleased to have read this book.
The title and subtitle tell it all. Me, My Mother, My Life is the detailed story of a tortuous path from childhood to adulthood, influenced by culture and upbringing.
I found the first chapters hard going, but as I continued reading, realised that they were necessary to give the whole picture of Ayomide Adeniola's life experience. Her Nigerian culture (in itself interesting to a westerner) affected so much of her life. Behaviour completely alien to western readers but completely natural to the members of her family whether in Nigeria or England. Her struggle to find release from her Mother's controlling influence will resonate with others whatever their background. The importance of her church throughout all her life is paramount and sadly not always sustaining.
But win through she does! Succeeding in so many fields of study and work. A rollercoaster of a life then finding peace at the last.

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Reviewer: Mary Bartholomew   (29/10/12)

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