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Evangelism in the Inventive Age

by Doug Pagitt


Price: £10.99
Publisher:Augsburg Fortress Publishers from Alban Books
Published:March 2012
With its large print and bold headers this is certainly an accessible book on a number of fronts and one that would make for an excellent church or group study on Evangelism, though possibly not a comfortable read for all. Pagitt calls us to question and delve into what evangelism is really all about, especially in these changing times of the internet, of education, of questioning and invention.
What's most notable here is that he says that in effect if we ourselves are open, honest and innovative, then there's a real place for evangelism in our lives and with a little effort and work we can do it well and reach out to communicate with people.
Sections four and five are well presented and for me are the 'doing' sections. Section four has us consider and break down what evangelism is, what we are trying to convey, how we are trying to convey it. Using tools like the Enneagram, working on issues such as fear, emotion and passion and working with charts and comparison tables, it reads like a mini seminar in the making for any church group to use.
Section 5 is a whistle-stop guide through Acts, the ultimate biblical story and guide on evangelism, but Pagitt interweaves modern stories and analysis throughout it, to show how in many ways the situation now is much the same as then and how we can be as creative as those original evangelists if we try.
A really good book, not too hard to follow but deep enough to engage on all levels.

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Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (07/07/12)
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