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The Shepherd's Song

A Story of Second Chances

by Betsy Duffey & Laurie Myers


Large paperback
Price: £13.99
Publisher:Hodder and Stoughton
Published:November -0001

I'm giving you fair warning that you may well need a hanky or two before you reach the end of the book, actually before you reach the end of the first chapter if you are anything like me!

This is an amazing novel, a series of short interconnected stories all based around a handwritten copy of the 23rd Psalm—the Shepherd's Song—that was a gift and a prayer of a mother to her doubting son, and that through tragedy and accident is passed around the world and touches the lives of a series of people.

The book tells of '12 lives changed forever' but actually there are many more than that because those people all connect with others and though they may not always be the focus there are some ways there lives are changed to, albeit more gently or less obviously perhaps.

Then of course there's us the readers that are going to share the book and story and pass it on too—because it really does have that effect, along with the tears and sighs—it's definitely going to be the book I'm recommending and hand-selling in my shop for the next few months!

It's not a long book at all—200 pages of large print—and it reads so smoothly that I finished it in an evening (I had to, I just couldn't put it down!) with each story quite seamlessly blending into the next. And yet each story very much stands up under it's own weight, so in some ways it's like reading a series of individual short stories rather than one novel, but it is one novel and at the end we return to the place we began, just further on in time—a fitting place to come back to with our original characters ... and is that less one or plus one? You decide.

A wonderfully crafted story—but don't forget to have a hanky or two handy just in case.

The only negative point about this book for me is that it's been released in this trade paperback size and at such a high price point. Had it been cheaper it would almost certainly be a best seller and one people would buy an extra copy or copies of to give to others... but at £13.99 I'm not sure that will happen which is a great tragedy to my mind.

Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (27/03/14)
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