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In The Shelter

Finding A Home In The World

by Padraig O Tuama


Price: £14.99
Published:12 February 2015

There was from the beginning of this book a beautiful lyricism that pulled me along in the reading, so ok it's by a poet whose work I have very much previously enjoyed (Readings From The Book Of Exile, published by Canterbury Press) and I suppose that poetic lilt echoes in this book of prose, with it's small chunks of interwoven stories, contemplation, poetry and narration.

It jumps with an honesty and insight from personal story to biblical consideration, out into narrative theology and back again to personal thought and insight, and all of this takes us on the journey of consideration that maybe  shelter and home isn't quite what we think it is or where we find ourselves, that maybe we are merely characters adrift in a story yet unfinished and yet purposefully planted there and integral to the stories ending, that maybe it's the chance encounters and moments that will have the most impact and provide us with the best shelter from the days ahead or just behind...

This book is an incredibly beautiful contemplation and so honest in it's content that it demands you to stop and think and face your own scattered thoughts and encounters to see where you too could find a shelter, where you can find ... and give ... a home in this world.

It's a beautiful smorgasbord, a delightfully rich feast of words and ideas and certainly a book I'm going to be sharing with others. 

Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (27/01/15)
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