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A Handbook of Meaning, Hope And Repair

by Anne Lamott


Price: £9.99
Published:February 2016

I don't know what it is about Anne Lamott but she writes totally down to earth, real, honest prose and yet somehow manages to make it feel like you are reading poetry or a wonderful meditiation piece. In this short book (only 96 pages but that's more than enough for her to help clarify and illuminate) she addresses how fractured and frazzled we feel in modern life, how sometimes we come unravelled, irrascible and conflicted within ourselves and our settings. She does this honestly through sharing glimpes of her own experiences and times of coming unstitiched and then helps you to work though it by standing back in some ways and accepting that these times are us, but that we can be mended, we can be restitched and repurposed, that in the scattered stitches and chaotic piecing of a quilt there is a beauty and wholeness ... and in us we too can be that quilt, crazy, chaotic and piecemeal and yet whole, different and all the more for that.

A really beautiful book that works because it is so easy to read, so honest at heart and so easy for anyone to understand, a really good addition to the books that deal with our crazy, busy, hectic and painful lives.

Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (30/01/16)
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