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Rowan's Rule

The Biography of the Archbishop (Fully Revised)

by Rupert Shortt


Price: £12.99
Published:17 July 2014
With this fully revised and updated edition Rupert Shortt should be commended for his work in writing this biography of the complex, thoughtful and deeply spiritual man that is Rowan Williams.
He has managed to highlight the major factors in Rowan Williams’ life which helped to form the man that he is today without facing the reader with too long a catalogue of early events.
He treats the highs and lows of a career which has faced its share of conflict and difficulty with equal honesty. This is certainly not a defence of the Archbishop’s decisions which have raised opposition and criticism but is a clear, honest appraisal of the thinking behind those decisions.
At the end we are left with a clearer understanding of not just the man but also of the situations and complexities of the modern church which he is grappling with on a daily basis.
Not the easiest of reads but one well worth persevering with for the insights it gives.

Reviewer: John Theaker   (15/07/14)
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