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The Approval Fix

How To Break Free From People-Pleasing

by Joyce Meyer


Price: £8.99
Published:June 2014

I like Joyce Meyer's style, it's to the point but with a veneer of self-deprecating humour. It works because even though what she says might have a slight sting to it, you come out feeling better for it anyway. This book on people-pleasing is no different. It's short, easy to read but nonetheless packs a punch ... gently.

We all do it, we all people-please to some degree and, as she points out, that's not really a problem. What is a problem is when we begin to tie ourselves up in knots because we think we are only good enough if we are pleasing others, if we are doing things for others, or if we are doing it for the 'glory' it brings us.

When we start doing things for the sole reason of the Approval of others then we likely aren't doing them for the right reasons, and we certainly aren't keeping our eyes focused on the one who we should be trying to live our lives for. Approval seeking is an addiction and like all addictions we need to see it for what it is and work through the steps to give it up.

This quite short and easy to read book could be a good step on that path, and is certainly a good addition to the shelf of any Joyce Meyer fan ... even if you don't think you have an approval addiction.

Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (06/06/14)
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