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The Troubling History Of The Renegade Apostle

by Peter Stanford


Price: £9.99
Published:March 2016

A fantastic book that looks at Judas in detail and history, and with a hint of quirk that just lifts this book on such a maligned and misunderstood character to a whole other level. There is in here depth of study and scholasrship that asks deep and probing questions on the theology of soteriology, grace and end times, that looks at the questions arising from the Gospel of Judas, that looks at how historical misperceptions and misrepresentations have perhaps corrupted our view and even deviate from the actual, and how indeed we continue to propogate this misperceptions ourselves today. It's a fantastic read and even if you don't fancy the whole book then well worth reading the A-Z of Judas facts/fictions.. of which two letters each precede each chapter.. A very interesting and enjoyable read.

Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (16/04/16)
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