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The Bad Christians Manifesto

Reinventing God (And Other Modest Proposals)

by Dave Tomlinson


Price: £13.99
Published:November 2014

As brilliant, fun and insightful as his first Bad Christian book.

This book is powerful because it is real and digs past the obvious gloss of being a Christian and going to church, it begs us to face up to the reality of who and what we are at heart and mind, and asks us to question what we should be doing as real Christians with all our truth … and doubts… hanging out there for everyone to see.

In a way he shows that being a bad Christian with all our idiosyncacies and less than stellar performances of love and compassion are where real faith is, where we really encounter and experience God, where we wrestle with angels and reflect Gods glory.

God does not want perfect people he wants real people, people that live fully with compassion, mercy, love and acceptance—even if they don’t get it perfect. A wonderful manifesto and a book so many  need to read and pass around.

Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (01/10/14)
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