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Cross Roads

by Wm Paul Young


Price: £17.99
Published:November 2012
Anthony Spencer, Tony to his friends, or those who toadied up to him, was a hard-bitten and ruthless businessman with many secrets: secrets locked away in his special hideaway. In fact he had become paranoid about them; sure that someone was after them. In reality he had developed a brain tumour and this is what then found him in a coma, near to death, and having an out-of -body experience like no other!
He finds himself in a forest, dressed in familiar hiking gear from his country retreat, (How’s that?) and walking along seemingly endless paths between the trees. Finally he comes to a solid rock face which appears to have a door carved into it. When he hears a knock from the other side, he sees a clasp with which he pulls the door open, and there stands a man who later says his name is Jack.
Jack is friendly enough, but within what turns out to be a solid wall, not just a single rock face, it is wasteland. ‘His’ wasteland. As the story unfolds, a Down Syndrome young lad kisses the Tony in the hospital bed and Tony immediately finds himself, not in the wasteland but in Cabby. Thence we are drawn into a family regularly visiting the hospital to see Cabby’s young sister desperately ill with a form of leukaemia. From now on the story moves from this family back to the ever improving ‘wasteland’ where ‘Jesus’ and the ‘Holy Spirit’ in the form of an old lady, help Tony understand what is going on.
If you enjoyed The Shack by this author you will love this book. If you did not, then why not give it a go? You might be surprised.

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Reviewer: Mary Bartholomew   (07/11/12)
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