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Trusting God Day By Day

365 Daily Devotions

by Joyce Meyer


Price: £12.99
Published:October 2012
This is probably a must have for anyone that likes Joyce Meyer's inimitable style of down to earth writing with a hint of humour and who has (or wants to start having!) a devotional time each day. Here we have 365 daily thoughts from Joyce on trusting God - each one done in such a way as to really help you focus on how we do, or don't, but can, trust God in all circumstances of our lives, yes even when we are getting fraught because we are stuck in a traffic jam with places to be! The book is done in a somewhat square block hardback style making it quite nice to hold, and with the rose motif from the front cover reflected on each page inside it makes for a really nice touch. If I had one disappointment with it though, it would be that it doesn't start each day on a new page, so quite a few times nothing more than the date and one line is on the bottom of the page and the rest of the reading overleaf, or there is a suddenly blank gap because the end paragraph has been popped over onthe next page however that's pretty small beans considering the content inside.

A good book to treat yourself to or give as a present.

Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (12/11/12)
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