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The Sixty Minute Grandparent

Becoming The Best Grandparent You Can Be

by Rob Parsons


Price: £7.99
Publisher:Hodder and Stoughton
Published:February 2014

This is the next in the popular series of of Rob Parsons' "Sixty Minute" books, and is exactly what it says. It can be read right through in sixty minutes but to get the most out of it a little longer is needed!

Eleven short chapters introduce a variety of themes beginning with one that attempts to dispel some of the myths, and goes on to suggest various ways in which grandparents can be a real benefit to both grandchildren and their parents. It covers subjects such as the pitfalls of grand-parenting, helping without interfering, about acting as carers and also living far away, also the thorny issue of families falling apart.

Most chapters conclude with a "Sixty Second Page" containing some very succinct and worthwhile advice.

I like the way the book is set out, and found the contents easy to read and digest. As a grandparent myself, I shall be noting some of good advice for my relationship with my own grandchildren-there's always something new to learn and little books like this can be extremely valuable.

Very worthwhile.


Reviewer: Graham Wise   (21/03/14)
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