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Walking Home From Mongolia

Ten Million Steps Through China

by Rob Lilwall


Price: £13.99
Published:November 2013

If you like travelogues this is definitely for you!

We are advised to walk at least three miles a day, and not many of us achieve that. Rob Lilwall and Leon McCarron walked over 3,000 miles from Sainshand, in Mongolia to Hong Kong, often at over 25 miles a day.

At first sight it looks a large book, but with short chapters inviting the reader to go on to the next, it was a book I could hardly put down. The writing is lively and paints graphic pictures from conditions of extreme cold to extreme heat, trekking over mountains, encounters with Chinese police, running out of money, running out of food, sleeping in the open, in cheap hotels, encountering and avoiding bureaucracy, and being welcomed with generous hospitality in remote places. 

My copy was a proof print without maps or pictures so a good atlas was necessary but the published edition will have both so it should be easier to follow their journey. For a good read it can be thoroughly recommended.

Reviewer: Graham Wise   (01/09/14)
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