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The Idolatory of God

Breaking the Addiction to Certainty and Satisfaction

by Peter Rollins


Price: £13.99
Published:October 2012
This is likely to be a serious ouch book for many and I'm not counting myself out of that number because it helped me spot things I hadn't realised I'd picked up and internalised within my Christian walk. That said therefore I really consider this book to be a timely and much needed antidote to the feel good Christianity we often encounter with televangelists and the prosperity culture that seems to be pervading some elements in the church – even ones we wouldn't always expect it of.

Rollins clearly and intelligently lays out the problems and shows that what we have with 'feel good' church is not what we are supposed to be focusing on and building our lives of faith on – as much because it's a false idea that won't see us through the rigours of life as that it's just not what the gospel of Christ is actually about.

I really recommend this book, despite the ouch factor, because even if at the end of it you don't want to accept what he's saying, you will have come across some great Biblical and theological insights that can't help but grow your faith and bring you closer to an understanding of where faith and culture divide and where they merge… even if maybe they sometimes shouldn't. Oh and just one other thing to say about the book – what a great cover!

Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (17/11/12)
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