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Why Did Jesus, Moses, The Buddha and Mohammed Cross The Road?

Christian Identity In A Multi-Faith World

by Brian D McLaren


Price: £12.99
Published:October 2012
This book is an incredible look at how we need to change to maintain our Christian integrity, but more than that it's about how that change probably isn't what people expect it to be. It's not about becoming more entrenched, dogmatic or fundamental in our faith and approach to others, but how instead we should change to be more receptive, open and giving (I hesitate to use the word tolerant for reasons you will discover in the book), accepting others just as they are and just as Christ actually did. Only then can we truly engage with people of other faiths or none and truly hold onto our own Christian integrity. We are encouraged by McLaren to exercise real compassion and understanding, the same sort of compassion and understanding Christ taught us through parables and examples (think the Good Samaritan, think Christ and the Samaritan woman etc.). We are asked to convert (if we really have to!) not through words or warnings, but instead through actions of openness, love and receptivity to exercise the one command of loving others as Christ loved us. It's a radical teaching, one we should give serious consideration to.

Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (22/11/12)
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