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Billy Fidget's Family Fortunes

The continuing adventures of Billy Fidget

by Nick Battle and Eric Delve


Price: £14.99
Publisher:Hodder and Stoughton
Published:February 2013
The adventures, actually common to many of us, are explored with honesty and humour through the imaginary correspondence between God and Billy Fidget (plus a few others), which we first met memorably in The Billy Fidget Letters. The issues include grief and loss, healing (and its absence), the challenge of reconciliation, the upsets and unpredictability of family life, and the sheer determination of love, God's above all. So suspend disbelief, enjoy an entertaining and imaginative read, and see how your own experiences take on fresh meaning in the light of God's fatherly love for you.

Reviewer: Barry Vendy   (03/05/13)
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