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King's Cross

by Timothy Keller


Price: £8.99
Publisher:Hodder and Stoughton
Published:April 2013
This new paperback offering from Tim Keller comes in the style of C S Lewis, emanating from a sermon series relating to Mark's gospel. There is thematic Christology here in abundant freshness as Keller renders the old story as new with fresh analogies and original perspectives that make this engaging apologetics for all kinds of readers. Keller makes a compelling argument that "the gospel story of Jesus is the underlying reality to which all stories point!"

King's Cross isn't an academic treatment of substitutionary atonement, and that isn't the author's intent. Instead, he repeatedly confronts the reader with the subject of substitutionary atonement - Jesus Christ. He utilizes Mark's narrative, woven throughout the book and sprinkled within each chapter, driving its content and pace. Keller engages the reader with astute pastoral application along with compelling illustrations. King's Cross finds Keller in familiar territory: producing another great book, leaving readers from atheist to Christian grappling with the nature and implications of the gospel of Jesus Christ. In King's Cross, prepare to encounter the King of the cross - a King who willingly entered into our ordinary lives so that we too may enter into the "joyful dance of grace". Top drawer stuff.

Reviewer: Johnny Douglas   (18/06/13)
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