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Epiphanies of the Ordinary

Encounters that Change Lives

by Charlie Cleverly


Price: £11.99
Publisher:Hodder & Stoughton imprint of Hachette UK Ltd
Published:12 December 2012
Despite the eye-catchingly abstruse title, this is primarily a book about love; about the fundamental importance of receiving God’s love for us and returning it with all that we have; about the fact that nothing else will stand for long if this cornerstone is not in place. Of necessity, I read it straight through from beginning to end, but it is clearly not intended to be read this way and much can be lost if one tries. There are six component pieces to each of the three sections, Come, Abide and Go, but every one can stand alone as an exploration of ways in which we can align ourselves with the God we profess to follow and the vital importance of a right relationship with Him. Charlie Cleverly uses his own experiences, successes and failures as demonstrations and shares with us his own epiphanies – moments of divine revelation – while encouraging us to put ourselves in a place where we can receive our own. Each chapter begins with Scripture and ends with prayer and deserves time and consideration before moving onto another. A timely reminder of basic truths that we can all lose sight of on the treadmill of everyday life.

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Reviewer: Diane Morrison   (30/07/12)
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