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A Just Church

21st Century Liberation Theology in Action

by Chris Howson


Price: £12.99
Publisher:Continuum - A Bloomsbury Company
Published:17 February 2011
This excellent book marks a detailed renewal in the field of liberation theology. It demonstrates how the church, especially the contemporary stream can learn from a 'theology of the poor'. It deals in practical ways of how Christians can respond to issues of conflict, climate change and the increasing global poverty gap. It links local and global contexts and throws a challenge to all people of faith to work with their neighbours to build fairer and more just communities. Gardening, demonstration protests, regeneration, peace-making, activities, reflection and theology are some of many core qualities that are unpacked beyond theory, rather in the context of a challenging northern urban emerging church expression. The reign of God finds excellent celebration and probable advance in Howson’s chronicles. Attractively delivered and fully justifiable of the subtitle’s boast: 21st Century Liberation Theology in Action! Immensely readable, comprehensive, clear and compelling.

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Reviewer: Johnny Douglas   (27/04/11)
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