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You are the Messiah and I should know

Why Leadership is a Myth (and probably a Heresy)

by Justin Lewis-Anthony


Price: £12.99
Publisher:Bloomsbury Publishing
Published:11 April 2013
Based on the author's PhD thesis this is an interesting and intriguing book that certainly would be of interest to film buffs, lovers of western movies and to those into leadership and management books and issues - oh and of course to those interested in the church and its management structure and style.

Lewis-Anthony does propose a couple of ways to read the book at the beginning. One for if you are more interested in the movies and myth element of the book's hypothesis (namely that American movies have brainwashed us into a mythic ideal of leader that just isn't real), and another for if you are more motivated by the mission and management discussion - a sort of choose your own chapter reading. I have to be honest - having read it straight through I would say that it's probably a little more enjoyable to do it the chapter choice way, even if you do read both sets! Truthfully the book would have been better written in two sections.

All said it was an interesting book to read and does have many insights to offer forward.

Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (13/04/13)
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