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Saint Augustine of Hippo

An Intellectual Biography

by Miles Hollingsworth


Price: £20.00
Publisher:Bloomsbury Publishing
Published:06 June 2013
Some idea of the scale of the task that Mr Hollingsworth set himself in this book, is to be gained from the useful tabulation of St Augustine's works which the author provides. Some 116 titles are listed: and a brief look at one of the volumes in a series that aims to provide accessible versions of the saint's works, reveals that his controversial works on Manichaeism and Donatism alone run to some six hundred, double columned pages! To try to impose one's own order and structure on such an out-put is well nigh impossible, but Mr Hollingsworth makes a very valiant and stimulating attempt to at least give an outline of the saint's thought. Whether Saint Augustine's intellectual development can ever be adequately traced, and in so doing, produce a 'biography' of his thinking, is a very tall order indeed. The author deserves the reader's thanks for trying.

Reviewer: Ian Gibbs   (16/07/13)
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