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A Way in the Wilderness

The Compelling New Commentary on the Rule of St. Benedict

by James Bishop


Price: £12.99
Publisher:Continuum - A Bloomsbury Company
Published:March 2012
The title of this work should not get in the way of giving this commentary a fair consideration. The text of the Rule is carefully if not exhaustively examined. The author has some helpful things to say even about those passages that he finds uncongenial. However many of the illustrations and exemplars used to elucidate the text come from the authorís experiences as a prisoner, and of prisons as institutions. He can stray into dangerous areas here, especially with his comments about community and prison. His other guiding principle is his advocacy of meditation and his relations with the World Community for Christian Meditation. Benedict's Rule has been used in many ways - these may be a step too far.

Reviewer: Ian Gibbs   (25/02/13)

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