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Abiding - The Archbishop of Canterbury's Lent Book 2013

by Ben Quash


Price: £10.00
Publisher:Bloomsbury Publishing
Published:November 2012
This years 'Archbishop of Canterbury's Lent Book' (the last one to be chosen by Rowan Williams) is from King's College London's Professor of Christian Theology and the Arts and it shows through in the book. Ben Quash has written a book on a subject I think many of us don't really think about very often, if at all - that of abiding (indeed if used in these days). He puts over his ideas of abiding in a fresh and relevant way by using images of characters taken from film, literature and Christian history that can be used as exemplars of how abiding can be seen and understood within the context of life, church, etc.. These characters reflect back on each other as well as on the particular theme they are used to carry. With seven chapters covering the themes of body, mind, care, relationships, exile, wounds, peace and finally a lovely epilogue (Who may abide) that addresses how we can practically carry the idea of abiding forward into our lives and communities, this is an interesting Lenten read. Not short on theology but graced with a 'popular' feel that makes it more interesting than challenging to read - and this can only be a good thing - something that demonstrates well the author's talent in his field.

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Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (28/01/13)
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