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Love Unknown

The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lent Book 2012

by Ruth Burrows OCD


Price: £9.99
Publisher:Burns & Oates imprint of Continuum
Published:17 November 2011
Sr Ruth talks of her own experiences as a young Carmelite nun, much of the time struggling with her emotions but is now able to say that she has no regrets, the experience gained however painful, has stood her in good stead in later life. She sets out to share with us the realisation that in Jesus Christ we can see God.
Jesus came to serve and Sr Ruth shows us that Mary realised that and sat at Jesus feet listening to him. Martha wanted to serve Him and was rebuked. Mary understood that Jesus is not an ordinary guest; we need to allow him to serve us. Thinking that something we can do will increase God’s love for us, is missing the point. We need to open our hearts to receive His gift of love.
In her introduction Ruth Burrows quotes a friends words, ‘there is a vast difference between being religious and being a true disciple of Jesus.’ If I quoted all the phrases that leapt out at me from this book, you would not have much more book to read! I found that having read a passage, I needed to go back and read it again and perhaps again, each time getting more of the authors meaning and getting a greater understanding of what she is saying.
A devotional book that deserves a much longer ‘life’ than just the forty days of Lent.

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Reviewer: Mary Bartholomew   (04/02/12)
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