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The Reluctant Prophet

by Nancy Rue


Price: £9.99
Publisher:Xlibris distributed by Gardners
Published:15 November 2010
I really enjoyed this one. I didnít know whether I was going to get into it from the beginning as the introduction to a Harley Davidson motorbike put me off a little, but I was interested to see just what the story was about. And Iím glad that I persisted with the first few chapters because by about a quarter of the way through I was hooked.
Allison the main character who has the Harley, is like Joe Bloggs, a run of the mill Christian but I identified with her. Her desire is to not settle for less in life and this includes her walk with God and it is through her dissatisfaction with the complacency of church that she steps out in faith when she hears Godís voice and then amazing things happen. I found myself quite envious of Allison as she had the guts to do what I would like to do but I havenít yet learnt to let go and let God in. What Allison does is real church. Hopefully you too will be challenged and encouraged when you read this novel.

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Reviewer: Zoë Stevenson   (16/03/11)
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