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Stories of Christians Facing Islamic Extremists

by The Voice of The Martyrs


Price: £12.99
Publisher:David C Cook / Kingsway
Published:28 March 2016

Given everything going on this is a timely book that looks at instances of persecution and faith across the world, and though subtitled 'inspiring stories of Christians Facing Islamic Extremists' I am glad to note that they also include stories from across the times and faiths too! for there are even some from the past accounted here that help highlight importantly that such attocities that lead to persecution and the death of those we call christian martyrs is not specific to any one other religion or nation or people, but is instead that which we were warned about... we will be persecuted for our faith.

There is something to be witnessed to in these people, in these stories, and in these horrors, and it is not hate - it is courage, it is spirit, it is faith... it is Love, it is Christ, it is God, and it is His light that shines through these stories.

Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (16/04/16)
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