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Becoming Myself

Embracing Gods Dream Of You

by Stasi Eldredge


Price: £9.99
Publisher:David C Cook / Kingsway
Published:September 2014

Stasi Elredge’s gentle voice in this book leads you onto a path of self discovery, as she recounts her own life and battles she guides the reader to ask not only who they are but who they are in God and faith.

She seeks to challenge many long held beliefs—both secular and non secular—from misogyny to mothers and how they effect women and their perception of who they are.

She looks at the many influences on women in scripture and society and asks the reader to honestly and gently challenge their own history, thoughts and beliefs. It's written in a way that isn’t overpowering or dogmatic and is in short bite sizes that allows the reader time to reflect or continue as they need.

This is a book filled with hope, love and beauty.  It’s a book to inspire and lead and well worth reading if you are or have ever felt lost and well worth reading even if you have gone through your own journey of discovery into who you really are as it will challenge you to think deeper and continue to understand yourself better.

Reviewer: Allison Carroll   (11/09/14)
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