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The Vow

by Kim and Krickitt Carpenter


Price: £9.99
Publisher:B&H (Broadman & Holman) from Trust Media Distribution
Published:03 March 2012
These are the true events that inspired the movie. Two months after their marriage Kim and Krickitt’s lives are shattered when a car wreck leaves Krickitt with a head injury and in a coma for weeks. The Krickitt that comes out from the coma is not the calm, well balanced Krickitt from the past. This Krickitt bursts into tantrums like a spoilt child, displays wild mood changes and has no recollection of ever being married to Kim. The only constant from the past is her faith.
Kim gradually faces the reality that his wife is no longer the person he fell in love with.
Life as they once knew it shattered and gone forever, Kim and Krickitt tread individual journeys of faith that will eventually bring them back together, in an even stronger union than before.

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Reviewer: Ruthie Thomas   (28/06/12)
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