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The Big Picture Story Bible with CDs

by David Helm with illustrations by Gail Schoonmaker


Price: £14.99
Publisher:Crossway Books from IVP
Published:19 November 2010
The Bible is a lot of things. It is a library, a collection of 66 books, penned by 40 or so authors, written over nearly 800 years. To many, it is a collection of interesting morality tales. Stories and fables, mythís and legends, mostly unrelated, and irrelevant to the modern day.
To a Christian, however, the Bible is so much more. It is a vibrant, and immensely relevant story of Godís consistent and continuing interaction with humanity. It is our guide book, our source of understanding, the very words of God himself. Yes, it is a library of different books, and stories, penned by different men, in their own unique styles, but it is also a single, all encompassing narrative. A love story from God to Man, inspired by his spirit.
As Christians we know this. Yet altogether too often, we forget to teach this to our children. We teach Bible stories, as if they stand alone. Our childrenís Bibles include the stories of Creation, the fall, Noah, Jonah, Moses, the first Christmas, the miracles, parables and Easter, and there most stop. They include no context, no indication that these stories are part of one big story. We forget to tell Ďthe big pictureí.
Enter The Big Picture Story Bible. For the first time in a very long time, the Bible is presented for children as one continuous narrative. Beginning in Genesis, and including almost every major story through to the end of Revelation, The Big Picture Story Bible reminds us that these stories, though fantastic on their own, are not unconnected, individual stories, but part of one big story, the biggest, and best story ever told.
Ideal for parents to read to the very young, and for older children to read aloud, it is also perfect for adults who sometimes struggle to understand how the stories they know so well fit into Godís plans for the redemption and salvation of all people.
This beautifully illustrated hardback edition also includes an audio CD, containing the complete, unabridged text of the book, so whole families can follow along together, as they listen to the story read to them.
A must read book for people of all ages, this is the ideal way to introduce children to the Bible, and help them understand that the individual stories which they will learn, do fit together perfectly, like a jigsaw, and make best sense when understood and admired as one big picture.

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Reviewer: Luke Hughes-Bunger   (26/01/12)

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