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Mighty Acts of God

A Family Bible Story Book

by Starr Meade


Price: £15.99
Publisher:Crossway Books from IVP
This is a wonderful children's bible, the midpoint between being a children's storytime bible and about as near to a kids study and devotional bible as you can get and wrap it up in a great reading experience. It reads as if it is being spoken, as if being told to you by a really talented children's church leader. Each story is told in a fresh insightful way that both tells the story and yet also intersperses the stories with the really important theological questions and ideas that each story presents! Yes really, theological insights aimed at kids but not dumbed down, just put over in a clever, easy and intelligent way. Of course it helps that these ideas are highlighted by being in a different colour text, thus highlighting the difference between the story and the study aspect, but they make a transition directly from one theme to another well and seamlessly. Fantastic bridging bible for the 7+ brigade, and even better yet a fantastic study bible for those with learning difficulties that donít want to be treated as a child and made to feel less for needing a little more help.

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Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (30/04/12)
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