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Worship Feast: Outdoors

25 Experiences of God’s Great Earth

by Jenny Youngman


Price: £11.99
Publisher:Abingdon Press from Alban Books
Published:June 2011
I have always found the Worship Feast series to be good solid youth resources (that also frequently work really well with non-youth small groups too!) and this latest one is not a disappointment. This time the theme and exercises are all based on experiencing the outdoors, but what’s really nice is that though some involve getting away out into ‘real’ nature others are gentle and just involve being able to feel rain, see rainbows or spend time in a garden or at a swimming pool – so regardless of your setting there is likely to be something you can adapt and use here.
As always they really are self contained in that they tell you everything you need to lead one of the 25 sessions, materials needed if any, overview and theme, scriptures and insight, step by step activity guide, opening and closing words, prayers – it’s all here for you to just pick up and use as is or as a really strong starting point for you to adapt to suit your group.
Great book for any group that does outward bound activities as standard, but also good for those looking to incorporate a bit more nature into their worship too.

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Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (19/11/11)
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