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Blame it On the Mistletoe

A Novel of Bright’s Pond – The fourth Bright’s Pond book

by Joyce Magnin


Price: £9.99
Publisher:Abingdon Press from Alban Books
Published:December 2011
Receiving this book gave me the opportunity to read through what I have said about the previous books. (No-one else gets the chance to review these, I love them too much!) I see I have used the word ‘quirky’ before so I looked it up in my Thesaurus and the list of words there includes eccentric, unconventional, unorthodox, unusual, strange and many more exactly describing many of the characters Joyce Magnin weaves into her stories, and yet if you look around your own communities the term could fit some people there too, and this is the joy of these tales, they are believable.
Griselda and her large sister Agnes play a major part in Blame it on the Mistletoe as there are odd happenings at Greenbriers the Nursing Home where Agnes now resides in an endeavour to loose weight. Griselda is still having flying lessons from Cliff, and Zeb, Griselda’s on/off boyfriend has decided at last that he is ready for marriage which puts Griselda in a spin.
Add in familiar friends from the Paradise Caravan Park, and the usual Bright’s Pond residents plus a family from the backwoods and you have another book that keeps you reading till the last page when you give a sigh of pure pleasure and long for the next story! Please keep writing Joyce!
You can read any Bright’s Pond book on their own but if you have read the previous titles you will enjoy each of them all the more.

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Reviewer: Mary Bartholomew   (21/03/12)

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