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Griselda Takes Flight

A Novel of Bright’s Pond - The third Bright's Pond book.

by Joyce Magnin


Price: £8.99
Publisher:Abingdon Press from Alban Books
Published:April 2011
‘Now that her morbidly obese sister Agnes Sparrow, is comfortably dieting at the Greenbrier Nursing Home, Griselda learns to fly....’ so starts the résumé on the back cover.
Griselda is the town’s librarian but has a fairly relaxed attitude to opening hours and is enjoying the freedom now she is not at the beck and call of her sister Agnes, though she visits her frequently. On the day her friend Stella asks to go with her to Greenbrier to speak to Agnes, they see a light plane flying low over the town and landing on a nearby hilltop most unusual! Stella has been told that her estranged brother, Walter, is lying in a coma at Greenbrier. She needs to consult with Agnes, considered by the locals to be something of an oracle, as she feels a bitter resentment for her brother from an incident ten years before and doesn’t want him back in her life – but it appears that she is next of kin. Oh dear!
On their return to Bright’s Pond and the Full Moon Café where ’everyone’ seems to congregate, they hear about a newcomer to the town Gilda, who turns out to be the injured Walter’s lady friend. Throw in Griselda’s friend Zeb, the Café owner, Stells’a husband Nate and his hopefully prize-winning pumpkin Bertha Ann, a handful of other local characters and not forgetting the pilot of the mystery plane and you are all set for another thoroughly entertaining read. It won’t spoil your enjoyment of the story if you are not familiar with previous Bright’s Pond novels, but I did enjoy spotting familiar characters.

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Reviewer: Mary Bartholomew   (06/03/12)

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