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Sweet Baklava

by Debby Mayne


Price: £8.99
Publisher:Abingdon Press from Alban Books
Published:April 2011
So often our past affects the way we view things, work, home, love, friends and family. In Sweet Baklava Debby Mayne shows through Paula’s life how, through various situations, her past is affecting the decisions she needs to be making.
Paula lives in Tarpon Springs, Florida where she grew up and fell in love with Nick. After Nick had gone to the Air Force and Paula had completed a business degree she set up a soap and candle business which is growing from strength to strength. The only thing missing in her life is Nick – her childhood sweetheart who is the only man she desires more than the baklava that his family keep feeding her to keep her around!. While the storyline is somewhat predictable (show me a contemporary romance novel that isn’t) this is a great holiday read. Half way through the book with all the talk of baklava I was dying to have some myself! An added bonus is the mini recipe book at the back of the main book, with all the recipe’s mentioned throughout. Happy baklava baking!

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Reviewer: Charmaine Hill   (26/07/11)

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