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Delivered With Love

by Sherry Kyle


Price: £8.99
Publisher:Abingdon Press from Alban Books
Published:May 2011
Claire James loses her mother to cancer. Her dreams to study were put on hold while she was nursing her mum but when her mother finally passes away she has only an old love letter which she found in her inherited 1972 VW to hang on to.
Unable to move on from the past, things go from bad to worse for Claire when she looses her job as a waitress and gets kicked out of her sisterís home by her alcoholic brother-in-law. She decides to search for the author of the letter.
Setting out to find out who had loved her mother so deeply she set out to Capitola to the return address that was on the letter. Little does she know that what she finds will be so much more then she expected and will change her life forever!
Much of what happens along the way during Claireís journey is unrealistic but despite this, author Shelly Kyle deals with a number of things in the lives of the characters. Love, guilt, forgiveness are some of the themes that feature throughout the book.
What I didnít appreciate is that Blake who is clearly a Christian shows a very definite romantic interest in Claire who clearly is not a Christian but later becomes a Christian. For young Christians that read this it implies that it is ok to date a non-believer and that God will save them, however that is not always the case and scripture clearly instructs us not to be unequally yoked. Other than that however it was an enjoyable read.

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Reviewer: Charmaine Hill   (26/07/11)
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