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Charlotte Figg Takes Over Paradise

A Novel of Bright’s Pond - The second Bright's Pond book

by Joyce Magnin


Price: £9.99
Publisher:Abingdon Press from Alban Books
Published:December 2010
Quirky characters and a delightful plot with unexpected twists and turns – Joyce Magnin has done it again!
Paradise Trailer Park has a mixed collection of residents who although they live in close proximity to each other lead very separate lives, that is till Charlotte Figg and her dog Lucky come on the scene.
Charlotte’s arrival in Paradise does not bode well for the future! Recently widowed, she has sold up her home to make a fresh start, expecting to find that she has bought a delightfully attractive mobile home although ‘sight unseen’. The reality turns out to be a squalid dump of a place; she has been conned by the seeming owner of the park, an obnoxious individual named Fergus Wrinkel.
She attracts the attention of Rose, another resident, and things start to change. Charlotte, who played in a Softball team as a young woman, is persuaded to start a Softball team with the women of the park. That’s when the fun starts.
A truly original story and a joy to read.

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Reviewer: Mary Bartholomew   (16/04/11)

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