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The Voice Bible

Step Into the Story of Scripture

Translated for the Ecclesia Bible Society


Price: £25.99
Publisher:Thomas Nelson From TMD or Joining the Dots
Again thereís a big clue in the title!!
The Voice Bible puts into narrative form as much as is possible in the pages of both the Old and New Testaments. Two examples:
From Genesis 18, part of Abrahamís conversation with God about Sodom and Gomorrah:
Abraham (persisting): suppose 40 are found there
Eternal One: I wonít destroy the city for the sake of 40
Abraham: Please donít be angry Lordat my boldness. Let me ask this: what if 30are found there who are good and true? Etc.etc.
From Luke 8
Jesus (stopping and looking about): Who touched me
Some in the crowd (everyone speaking at once): Not me
Another in the crowd: It wasnít me either
From this is will be clear that The Voice Bible can also be used as a script for dramatic reading in a worship or study context. You need to spend some time reading the comprehensive introduction to discover how The Voice works and also how you can make this tool work for you in your own particular situation, but, having said that, it is a useful tool, especially to groups like Open the Book.

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Reviewer: Nick Horton   (16/10/12)
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