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Confidence, Commitement And Communion

by Martyn Percy


Large paperback
Price: £17.99
Publisher:Ashgate from Gardners Books
Published:September 2013
This is a substantive and insightful anglican work. It reflects the rich and reflexive Anglican tradition nurtured and flourishing in living and proclaiming the gospel of Christ. This book offers clear and differing glimpses of contemporary Anglicanism affecting Anglicans today, the pattern of mission and ministry, training and formation, along with identity and leadership. The differences and dilemmas across the Communion are explored well.
Percy's writing calls all to a deeper discipleship; to attend to its roots, identity and shape; and to inhabit the world with
a renewed commitment, confidence and Christ-centred purpose. THere is much here in the breadth and focus of these twelve chapters. Its shaping up to be an essential go-to title!  

Reviewer: Johnny Douglas   (06/12/14)
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