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The Death of a Child

Edited Peter Stanford


Price: £8.99
Publisher:Bloomsbury Publishing
Published:February 2013
For anyone who has suffered such a loss this book will probably include stories, which in some way will relate to yours, even though grief is "per se" unique. Twelve people share their stories of the loss of a child; some are well known people such as Carol Drinkwater (Helen Herriot in All Creatures Great and Small) and Sarah Brown (wife of former Prime Minister Gordon Brown), others you will never have heard of, but whose stories will stay in your heart.

In twoeve short, readable chapters we hear not only of those who have suffered the loss of young children, but of miscarriages, stillbirth, the death of a handicapped child, a child in her 40s and children who died through accident and even murder.

This book deserves a wide readership - helping not only those for whom the death of a child is a reality, but also those who seek to advise and support both the parents and the often forgotten siblings who crave love and understanding.

So I would highly recommend it for all, especially those in the caring professions such as the church, doctors and nurses and social workers, and for those who care enough "not to pass by on the other side" of those who grieve at the death of a child. For all those who utter "But I don't know what to say", read this book. You may find you don't need to say anything!

Reviewer: Margaret Walker   (03/07/13)
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