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Journeying With Jesus

Personal Reflections On The Stations Of The Cross And Resurrection: The Mowbray Lent Book

by Ed. Lucy Russell


Price: £9.99
Publisher:Bloomsbury Publishing
Published:08 November 2012
What an incredibly simple but moving Lent book, not focusing on the days of Lent but instead focusing on the passion and resurrection of Our Lord as represented through the iconographic images of the stations of the cross. There are beautiful and simple illustrations of each station done by James Edgar in the book. Each simple reflection in the book is by a different contributor and these contributors span all traditions of churchmanship and class. We have here a truly ecumenical book that looks at the cross and Christ and reflects on the most personal elements of the human psyche in an honest and moving way. For me this is the embodiment of Christ's incarnation, death and resurrection - the reflection of the most spiritual made the most human so that we can see ourselves with all our faults and glories - and as one of the contributors reflects, "it is safer to roll the stone into place, and walk away" (page 56) than face this. I think this is a beautiful personal guide to journey with through the season of Lent, and indeed it would also make for interesting service material should one consider doing an alternative stations of the cross during Holy Week.

Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (12/11/12)
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