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The Reason

by William Sirls


Price: £10.99
Publisher:Thomas Nelson From TMD or Joining the Dots
Published:08 August 2012
I can honestly say that I found this book to be an incredible read, which surprised me as often books hyped pre-publication and compared to incredible best sellers (The Shack) sometimes fail to live up to the words - this one did not.
In fact if I'm honest I'd say comparing this book to The Shack did it a dis-service, if I had to compare it to anything out there already published then it would be a blend of Frank Peretti for the mystery and intrigue elements and Joseph F Girzone for the romance and gentle beauty of his Joshua series - because in this book you really do find elements that read like both and it makes it a joy to read.
A small town, a blind pastor, his large,gentle and mute son, a single mother, a child with a serious illness, and above all a mysterious carpenter and a re-occuring theme of three animals appearing at times, a repeating refrain of 'only believe', and a series of impossibilities (aka miracles) makes this an intriguing story of faith, doubt, love, loss, and family - and that doesn't even touch the heart of the book or cover half the characters you will meet in it.
Somewhere in this book you will find an image, a glimmer of your own doubts and fears, losses and loves, or you will witness someone elses fear, pain and grace in a way you hadn't seen it before.
It's got a gentle flowing style to it, with a hint of otherness that holds your attention to the page from the beginning right through to, in my mind, it's very unusual and slightly disturbing end.
One warning - you will probably need a hanky before the end of the book.
There is at the end of the book a reading group guide and an interview with the author - but I don't think you'll need the reading group guide because the book leaves you wanting to talk about it and with lots of throughts, idea's and questions anyway.

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Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (29/10/12)

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